What do you do when you are not training?

A range of things from Engineer in the Energy and Resources Industry to Professional Athlete and Community and Content Manager for brands such as Salomon. I have mixed these two professions for some time now and yet to strike the perfect balance but I have enjoyed every moment of the challenge.

What gets you outside every day?

From the streets of road marathons like Berlin to the mountains of events like Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 171km, it has varied. I like competing in the large mountain landscapes over 50km to 170km and beyond. Being self-sufficient in these events to a degree is epic and the time out there is so powerful. I’ve done a range of events which can be seen here in full:

What are your most proud athletic experience and achievements?

Patagonia Ambassador and For Wild Places co-founder Majell has dedicated the better part of the past 10 years learning how to become a ‘better’ runner.

His journey has taken him to the highest passes and finish lines of events such as UTMB, TDS, IAU Trail World Championships, Skyrunning World Championships, Marathon des Sables (MDS), Manaslu Mountain Trail, GOW 100, Buffalo Stampede, Tarawera, Hong Kong 100, a 24hr track race and various big city marathons...

What inspires you?

The elements of the outdoors and sensations they provide on the daily. We as humans are nature and when we get outside we return to where we came from and who we are. Doing this solo or with people in any capacity is just really living! The feeling of being outside is so motivating to the action of getting out there! And getting out there in any capacity continues to grow the connection to nature and the love for it and the love to protect it.

Obtaining lessons from comical mistakes and successes during meaningful races, all-night mountain missions, consistent training, official qualifications and spending time with the greatest trail and ultra runners and coaches in the world, Majell is all to willing to share what he can to help fellow runners and outdoor legends.

What 3 values are most important to you when showing up in your community?

Being kind, accepting, and helpful. There is no one not worthy of our time and compassion.

Are you involved with a nonprofit or community organization?

For Wild Places, engages the trail running community to protect places that hold environmental and cultural significance. Majell is working hard to make sure runners are healthy, happy and continue using our love for wild places to protect and regenerate wild places. Because without wild places we don’t have trail running and we will cease to be living

I can help Clif Bar promote this as the real authentic way to do business in this ever-changing world. I also want to use what I have, to promote companies in the outdoor industry leading the way as a good example of business for good and not all about profit.

Which of CLIF’s 5 aspirations resonates with you most?

Sustaining the Planet. Because without this element of the globe being regenerated and thriving, we as humans will not survive and live in a beautiful and healthy way. Clif Bar is challenging the way businesses can operate and give to this space.

How can CLIF best feed your adventure?

By continuing to lead the industry in new ways of operating, continuing to give back to communities and always being mindful of its impacts and ways it can do business better and regenerate the planet in every actin and decision it takes.