Romy Wolstencroft


What is your full name?
Romy Wolstencroft

Describe your athletic experience and achievements
They have been amazing. I honestly did not expect that I would be experiencing so much so soon. I have loved every moment of my adventure and I cannot wait to explore more.

Where do you call home?
Sunshine Coast, QLD.

What gets you outside every day?
The unknown. I have no idea what the day will bring or how I will feel each training session. Although this uncertainty scares me, it excited me and I love trying to find out what I am capable of.

What inspires you? How do you cultivate your passions?
Everybody around me inspires me in a different way. I am inspired by my parents due to their knowledge and incredible care. I am inspired by my Coach as he has a wealth of knowledge about the sport and knows me as well as I know myself. I'm inspired by my friends as they all have a little something that contributes to my growth and learning. Sometimes random comments on the street or at a cafe by complete strangers inspire me. Once someone said to me while I was working at IGA, bagging their groceries, "I'm alive and living. I can't complain." That made me smile and continues to.

Who do you admire in your community and why?
I admire a few of the other people I train with as well as my coach. I admire them because they have their own lives to deal with, yet they still rock up to training and give 110% each time. If I'm going through a tough day, they have all been in the same boat as me and we lift each other up. I admire that. As well as how my coach is so in tune with each athlete. I think that's phenomenal and I admire his knowledge.

What 3 values are most important to you when showing up in your community?
Respect - most important
Determination - if you can push through it, you deserve respect
Honesty - there is no point in lying to yourself or to others

Which of CLIF’s 5 aspirations resonates with you most?
People - I love working as a team with great, likeminded people Community - to have the opportunity to help support Global and local communities would be incredible Planet - I am passionate about the health of the planet and sustainability. I also agree with your brands and business aspirations, but the above three connect with me personally.

How can CLIF best feed your adventure?
With the Chocolate Chip CLIF bar! Also, I believe with a great support team and brand behind me, I can achieve great things. In not only triathlon, but for the global community as well. It would be awesome to be a part of the team.