Jake Hynes


What is your full name?
Jake Hynes

Describe your athletic experience and achievements
I have been doing triathlons for almost 5 years now. I have podiumed at multiple state championships and have won a few big races. I have also done Duathlons and Aquathlons and have been asked to represent Australia on 3 separate occasions

Where do you call home?
Sunshine Coast, QLD

What gets you outside every day?
My motivation, determination, discipline and my love for this sport

What inspires you? How do you cultivate your passions?
My family and friends and the people around me help and encourage me to do what I love

Who do you admire in your community and why?
Toby Coote, He has not only raced at a very high level but he has also given so much back to the community, he has been coaching for 15+ years and still gets up every day and goes to help young and old athletes grow into better athletes and better people

What 3 values are most important to you when showing up in your community?
Dedication Giving back when you can Paying it forward

Which of CLIF’s 5 aspirations resonates with you most?
Community, everyone knows CLIF and what they do, their products speak for themselves, The community surrounding it is outstanding.

How can CLIF best feed your adventure?
Being a triathlete, nutrition plays a big part, depending on the distance of the triathlon will depending on what type is best suited from short distance with the CLIF Gels to the long course that needs all of the CLIF Bars, Bloks and Gels. Not to mention the training benefits that come with these nutrients