Callum Watson

Cross Country Skiing

I grew up in the South East of Australia in the Snowy Mountains region which is where I will always call home. It is one of the few places in Australia where skiing is the thing to do! So naturally, just like every other kid at school, I learned to love Thursday ski days and later began to focus on competitive cross country skiing.

The sport has thrown many challenges at me over the years which have certainly tested my determination and drive to turn my goals into successes. Probably the most notable of such events was when another competitor’s ski penetrated through my chest cavity and punctured my lung during an in competition crash.  It’s tough at the time to go through the process of feeling weak and regaining the strength you once had, but each time it makes me cherish the health, strength and fitness I can attain.

My claim to fame would be my Australian VO2 max record that I have now held for the past 4 years. During a race, I am one of the few who looks forward to the hills as I know it’s usually where I hold an advantage.  

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympian